Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unexpected Plot Wrist

So, I have this cyst in my wrist.

And I have to get it removed... at some point.

I repeat: Owwww!
I mean, it's a tumor. It's benign, but you still can't leave it there. It's all... lumpy. Not to mention kind of unattractive, in the way and thereby limiting my range of movement. But after seeing the surgeon today - I think I'm going to delay surgery.

Because while ugly, it's not life-threatening. It's not going away, but it's not a harbinger of anything terrible. It does need to be removed, ultimately - but in the meantime, it's not awful, day to day. It's just a lump on my wrist. Typing does make my wrist stiffen up pretty quickly (not good, for a writer), but my fancy new brace does make a difference. PLUS, I am totally rocking the wrist-brace look. Medical-joint-support is the new Michael-Jackson-one-glove. Owwww!

Okay. Put simply, and because I love lists, here's why I'm postponing the surgery:

  • It could be a 2 to 3 week recovery period. Since I have a lot of writing to get done, AND a trip coming up, AND work... I don't want to possibly be sans-use of my right hand for 2 or 3 weeks right now. 
  • I cover my own health insurance. No group health plans means higher health care costs. This procedure won't be cheap. Lumpy-wristed freelancer has kind of a ring to it, right? No? Hmm...
  • Surgery. Ugh. The doctor drew on my wrist to show me where I'd get slit open. Disconcerting. 

So here's the real dilemma: I'm supposed to be embracing inconvenience. What's more inconvenient - a surgery that takes me out of commission for awhile, and costs me some fairly serious money? Or the daily discomfort of a stiff wrist?

For now, I'm living with the inconvenience of a stiff wrist. And rockin' the brace.


  1. Check out your health insurance plan re: deductibles and so on. You may want to schedule the surgery in a way to get the max benefit out of reaching deductible.

    Ask your doctor how long you can wait, realistically.

  2. Seconded! Because physical therapy (to maintain flexibility in the joint) is probably part and parcel of surgery, I assume.

  3. 1) Boo-hiss to the cyst!
    2) Generally speaking, you would want to have surgery as early in a year as possible so that if/when you reach your deductibles (etc) you get reduced / free visits for the remainder of the year (usually). My insurance covers everything 100% after deductibles are met. So if you need any other doctor / hospital / etc, you hopefully won't have to pay as much and you'll have as much of the year left to do it in. (Hope that makes sense! & good luck!)