Thursday, January 26, 2012

Traveling With Theater People

Okay, I will be giving an honest shot to the daily posting schedule outlined recently -- but since this week I'm on vacay for five days, the blog focus will be travel adventures. I'm traveling with theater folks, so you know there will be some amusing anecdotes.

Because I try to keep the friends and family I write about (at least somewhat) anonymous, before launching into all of the amusing stories of five days in the big city with a troupe of theater folks, I figured they should have pseudonyms. Since they’re all clever, and probably funnier than I am, I tasked them all with coming up with their pseudonyms. We collectively decided that childhood-pet-name followed by favorite-borough-or-neighborhood-in-New-York was a good system.

So ladies and gentleman, meet our cast!
  • ·        Kitty Coney (going by KC for short) – the token “director” in the group; always up for snark; married to Buster Manhattan.
  • ·         Buster Manhattan – actor and film expert; likely to surprise you with quiet hilarious commentary; married to KC.
  • ·         Sabrina Queens – New York native, displaced for many years now; lawyer, competitive shopper, very crazy family.*
  • ·         Butch Bronx – hails from the same birthplace as Elvis; funny and unassuming actor who channels Mike Nichols.
  • ·         Harry Astoria, typically referred to here as D. He wanted at first to go with “Harry Meatpacking District.” I talked him out of it.

And then there’s me. I guess I’d be Stormy Broadway. (Hot!) But I probably don’t need an additional pseudonym. So now, you’ve met the cast. Here’s to the adventures ahead! 

*Seriously, SQ’s crazy family will be a recurring theme.

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  1. Love the pseudonyms.

    I guess I might be DeeDee Broadway.

    Hey- I wonder if we are related?