Friday, May 27, 2011

Would You Wear a Bridesmaid Dress - for a Whole WEEK?

How to kick off the little pixie magic blog? We'll need to jump right in with something fun. Something colorful.

So I'm thinking we start with an overpriced watermelon-colored dress.

See, I'm in a wedding this weekend - bridesmaid duty for a dear friend. I've been in several weddings in the past several years, and while I'm not quite to the level of 27 Dresses insanity or "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" desparation - I have racked up a good bit of experience with the whole bridesmaids-ing thing. And here's one thing I have found to be true, in every one of these weddings: I have never worn my bridesmaid dress ever again.

It's true. I spend more on a bridesmaid dress than on any other single item of clothing I buy, and then I wear it once. I love my friends and am honored when asked to celebrate with them in this way. But let's be clear: bridesmaids dresses are a total racket. Dudes get to rent a tux - wear it, return it, done. We have to purchase a dress, usually get it fitted, buy matching shoes, etc... all for one (all-important and much-photographed, but ONE) wearing.

So this time I'm gonna get my money's worth. After wearing the dress for my friend's wedding, I'm going to keep wearing it. Out and about. For a solid week.

Let's see how it goes.

(PS Regarding the image of the dress in question, on a model, included in this post: I had to buy this bridesmaid's dress at a chain bridal store... let's call it EVIL DAVID'S. So in order to find a pristine picture of it, I first went looking for the dress on the store's website. Guess what? Not only is the dress ureturnable - it's already been discontinued and has been erased from Evil David's inventory. However, the dress in question - style #83475, color: Watermelon - is readily available on sites like and Ebay. Seriously. Why didn't I look there before sinking my money over at Evil David's? This experiment is already proving educational!)

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